November 28, 2014


among bruxelles many art deco bistros the bright café Yeti stands out with it's organic menu and eco looks. we spent an afternoon there together with ingunn's brother plus family, who also had come for a weekend visit. we started out drinking coffee and munching on egg benedicts, and switched to mimosas and pancakes covered in chocolate sauce a couple of hours later. the staff was kind enough to keep smiling at our new requests and didn't even comment on our messy table which dominated the whole room. this afternoon actually became the highlight of our trip. it's not often we can spend a whole day lingering around a table just because we feel like it. well, we couldn't have found a better place for this purpose. and though we never really wanted to leave, eventually they had to close. by that time the kids had started playing a running game that might not have been as popular as all our orders was. so we continued out to the misty streets to buy truffles and souvenirs. 

if you need some more suggestions on where to go when in brussels the blog Brussel's Kitchen is a way better guide than any book on the subject i've seen. just a tip.

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