December 05, 2014


the small projects we're together on through this extremly cozy month bring us closer as a family. our evenings are spent wrapping gifts at the moment, and there is no doubt that all of us enjoy every second. it's dark and cold outside, but inside candles and the sweet smell of cookies from the stove keeps us warm. i could only wish there was more weeks like this to look forward to. but unfortunately, for me the christmas preparations end tonight. i'm going to spain, you see. to make art and to wait. wait and wait and wait and wait. two whole weeks will pass before my boys get on that plane. we have never celebrated christmas outside scandinavia before, but there's a first for everything. and of all the places my art work has taken me, i didn't see this one coming. i love learning about new places though. and mallorca, it will be great getting to know you better. what i will be reading, and what we will be eating this holiday season.

top photo: i'm not sure if the advent orange is common in other contries as well, but i must say i adore this kind of modesty.

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