we have talked a lot about starting a blog, my boyfriend and me. what we would post, what we should call it. we wanted it to be a bit diary like. with photos from our everyday life. photos where things that inspire us is shown. we're very much into cooking, but didn't wan't to make a food blog. we like design and interior, but didn't want it to be about that either. we don't really care for the term 'lifestyle blog', but maybe that is what we're making. 

i take the photos, and it's my voice you can read. but i discuss each post with Knut (the boyfriend) before publishing them on our blog. because it is our blog, with images from our home and and our days. we have chosen to write in english only. this is because we have many friends living outside of scandinavia and also we would love for all of our readers to understand what we are babbling on about.

we live in norway. in the old and historical trondheim. our home is a loft in the city centre but also an old house we are currently renting. we both are 33 years old and the boys, Mikkel and Evald, are 14 and 7. 

finally we made this blog. and we really hope that you will enjoy it.
our e-mail is teaktrayweekdays@gmail.com. please write or comment if you have any questions for us.

all our best
Knut and Lena

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