November 25, 2014


last summer knut's best friend and an artist i know from my days at the academy fell hard - in love with each other. we like to think that we're the ones responsible, as it was us who introduced them, and when they annonced a two month trip to bruxelles - we knew it was our duty as cupid's helpers to check in on them. so we spent the last christmas free weekend of this year in belgium's capital, strolling through the streets of saint catherine, eating tartar and chatting with our lovebirds. they have found themselves a beautiful temporary home trough airbnb, and took on the role as hosts like they had years of marrige on their backs. actually watching them, hand in hand, laughing and kissing took us straight down memorylane to the summer when knut and i first met. romance is important. even when the busy everyday life takes over. i'll keep this in mind during the next couple of hectic weeks preparing for the holiday season. thank you for a wonderful time vegard and ingunn.

mieke willems is blogging from antwerpen and next time we will make sure to visit her hometown as well.

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