March 07, 2014

if we learned one thing during our stay in berlin it was that bratwurst has a competitor: kimchi! those lovely berliners will line up in kilometer long queues for anything with a dash of fermented cabbage on top of it. kimchi is one of the ingredients that creates the hearty and warming taste of the korean dish Bibimbap. well, we hooked up with the berlin based and talented foodblogger Meike from Eat In My Kitchen and as a friday treat we can present not one, but two delicious recipies for you to try at home. Meike’s version is based on the mother of her korean childhood friend's traditional approach, while our's is more of a nordic asian fusion one which basically is made out of ingredients from our local supermarket. except for the mango salsa this bibimbap consists of vegetables we are all planning to grow in our own garden this summer and instead of tofu (the men in my life aren't fans) we have used pulled pork which tenderness is perfect in this case. usually we buy full grain and brown nature rice, but for this one, white and fluffy jasmine rice is better as it doesn't hijack the scene and keeps the bowl of flavor on the lighter side. we have been trying a couple of varieties and Knut and me agree that this time we nailed it. the most important thing is not to hold back on the chili sauce. it’s supposed to be hot and spicy and yes, one more thing. the eggs must be fresh and organic, fried until the whites are done while the yolk should be nice and runny. our Bibimbap is easy to make, takes only half an hour, it's healthy, tasty and also affordable. tada! here it comes:

Bibimbap Norwegian Style 
for a family of four people or two very hungry grown ups

one pack of pre-cooked and marinated pulled pork
jasmine rice (we hate cooking rice and use the boil-in-bag type (BLUSH!))
quick pickled cucumbers from Green Kitchen Stories recipe here
three grated carrots
five grated radishes
sesame oil
sesame seeds
one ripe mango cut into small pieces
one red chili finely chopped
the juice of one lime
five big leaves of kale
two thinly sliced garlic cloves
some grated fresh ginger
store bought kimchi
four organic eggs
soy sauce
chili sauce

start out with preparing the veggies in four separate bowls. pickled cucumber in the first one, carrots-raddishes-sesame oil-sesame seeds in the second, a salsa made of mango-chili-limejuice in the third and well rinsed kale-garlic-ginger in the last.
then boil some water and add the rice, if you have a bamboo steamer put it on top of the casserole with the cale in one layer and the pork in one.
fry the eggs and let them rest in the frying pan while you arrange the bowls of loveliness. start with some cooked rice in each bowl and add sections of cucumbers, carrot salad, mango salsa, kimchi, pulled pork and steamed kale. then drizzle some soy sauce on it before adding the runny egg on top. finish off with some chili sauce and your bim is ready to bap. 

bon appetite and have an adventurous weekend!

top photo: Fräulein Kimchi


  1. Hvor ser det fantastisk lækkert ud!

    1. bibimbap er min yndlingsmatrett, jeg vil lage det til deg når du kommer på besøk :-)