March 29, 2014

guess what we've been up to this saturday! well, norway is known to be expensive. and as our neighbour countries  earn a lot on norwegians crossing the border to shop cheap wine and food, there is actually a free bus going to sweeden from where we live. we have been wanting to check this possibility out for a while and yesterday we booked our tickets for this anti-romantic get away. we have some moral issues when it comes to spending our money abroad instead of supporting the locals, so when we filled our cart it  wasn't with meat and cheese as most of our fellow costumers. instead we went crazy on beans, organic flours, stevia sweetened juice bricks, coffee, herbal teas and other imported loveliness (like chocolate). the best thing about foreign groceries is the packaging. the colours and the typing appears so fresh and new when your not used to seeing them everyday. now our pantry is almost bursting plus thanks to the bus ride i'm almost done knitting my scarf and Knut has read an entire newspaper. kind of like winning the lottery, right?

top photo: it's not often i post my own image, but here i am. 
second: small golden coltsfoots lightens up the post-winter environment.
last photo: a small selection of our sweedish goods. (the graphics on Salta Kvarn's products!) 


  1. Grocery shopping in Sweden is so good! I always bring alot of good stuff with me home when we visit our country house :)

    1. we love shopping groceries in denmark too :-)

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  3. Sweden! My favourite! And the have eco food :-)