February 06, 2014

today we are celebrating the Sami National Day. there are no parades in the streets, but we are listening to the sami anthem on youtube and making drawings of the sami flag. Knut and the kids don't share my sentimentality upon the history of our nomadic ancestors, but they do embrace every occasion that involves stuffing their faces with cakes and ice cream. today is also when Mikkel starts his comfirmation classes to prepare for his cermony in may, so we're feeling quite solemnish, filling our heads with big thoughts on life and how to live it. so, lihkku beivviin (congratulations), have a lovely evening - sami or not.

top pic: the shy boy in the background is my daddy when he was little. he died when i was fourteen and Mikkel is named after him. today i miss him a lot.