February 02, 2014

here are some last photos from our one month stay in berlin. i was planning to get a lot of reading done while there. it didn't happen. in the evenings i was so full of impressions i needed to reflect upon that i didn't find the space for engaging my self in written words. i also planned to spend hours at coffee shops taking notes and doing some people watching. that happened. once. honestly, i'm a control freak and couldn't resist planning every hour of every day. i had so many lists of places to visit and people to see, that both me, the kids and Knut ended up exhausted (in a good way, but still…). 

in the middle: at Westberlin they make some lovely flat whites. thanks to their take aways the time limits didn't keep us from sipping hot brewages while running around like tourists on speed.
last one: green is the new black! (egg display in the zoo)

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