February 07, 2014

it's my birthday today! feeling all grown up and very happy. our plans for the day is hot dogs and a raw cake. no guests, just the four of us. a family pyjamas party. so far the day has been wonderful. i've been served hot cocoa and cardamom buns in bed. and there have been presents and hugs, fun drawings and laughter. i'm so lucky. since 2014 so far has been all about berlin, we never came around to write those new years resolutions. today is my fresh start! of course i want to get better at exercising, being present and to read more. maybe even get some writing done myself. i also wanna spend lots of time with nature: swim in the sea, go skiing in the mountains, take long hikes and learn more about plants and mushrooms. but my main goal for my 35th year on earth is to get a studio. after graduating i thought i could save money on working at home, but i can't stand it anymore. piles of books, notes, cut outs and inspirational objects from flee markets dominates our place and drives me crazy when i try to tidy. i like clean surfaces, and belive me, we have none at the moment. so as soon as i find the right space i'll be moving my artproduction out of here.

the photos: Mika and Simon both live and work in kreuzberg, berlin. recently they got a new atelier with huge windows, lot's of room for both themselves and their daughters. i got really inspired by visiting them. next time i see them i will (wo)man up and ask if i can do a house tour from their apartment to share with you guys.


  1. Happy birthday Lena! Best wishes for all your goals!

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    1. Tusen takk, også for å minne oss på om den fine bloggen din :-)

  3. Stort tillykke, Lena! Og held & lykke med at finde atelier.

  4. happy birthday!!!!!! have a nice birthday day and enjoy is friday!!