February 14, 2014

it's friday. the sun is shining. and it's valentines day. Knut, if you are out buying me flowers, could you grab one of these vases from Muuto too? the norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik has a way with colored glass that makes this cold material's organic qualities very visible. his simple yet so advanced characteristics have already given him quite a few design awards to brag about. but still he manages to surprise by adding futuristic twists to traditional handcraft and leave us hungry for more. more lamps, more glass, more textile, please! Silent is a timeless and affordable piece, that's a great combination. i've never really been a fan of Aalvor Alto's classic tupil vase, but released in salmon pink, i might reconsider. another vase i have my eyes on at the moment is the danish Lyngby in both white and black. in this pretty porcelain cylinder even a bouquet of weeds will look amazing. so actually, Knut, you can chose one of the three mentioned above. that way it will be more of a surprise. happy valentines day to all of you! 

ps. if you by any chance are in solvær today, Den 68. Nordnorske Kunstutstilling is opening 7.30 pm at Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter. Heidi-Anett and me is reprecented in the exhibition with our piece Construction. come have some wine!

top photo: Silent vase by Andreas Engesvik for Muuto.
bottom: Light Tray, also from Andreas Engesvik's studio.

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