February 13, 2014

tulips and cherry blossom branches bring spring and life into our rooms at the moment. i don’t remember which blogger who claimed that tulips are at their most beautiful when dying. we agree. and don’t toss them out before all of their lovely petals have fallen off and become colourful patterns on the table. in a couple of weeks we’ll start pruning our apple trees so i guess we should be shopping for floor vases so we can enjoy the apple flowers from the cut-off's inside too. in the meanwhile we actually put this year's first seeds in soil today. tagetes. they are quite tough these ones, which means perfect for the climate up here. and with them, we can declare the planting season for opened. let’s do some gardening!

last photo: please, kitties. stay away from our plants! we love you, but we also love to watch things grow. find something else to play with, okay?

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