February 15, 2014

a single red rose and a bottle of bubbles is the classic romance cliché, but on the 14th of february being tacky is allowed. i’m not the cocktail loving type. there’s only three drinks in my life: espresso martini,  apple car martini and egg white whiskey sour. (a well made amoretto based drink isn’t that bad either). but champagne and prosecco on the other hand is my very best friends when it come to alcoholic beverages. yesterday we made Kir Royals to celebrate the love in our lifes. it’s easy peasy to make as it basicly consists of champagne and creme de cassis. first pour the champagne and then add the liqueur to  get the nice ombré effect. pretty vintage glasses is also a must for this one.  

if we had a liquor cabinet making drinks would be even more fun. this walnut one from Bolia gives me assosiations to a 1960 dinner party in the same time as being modern an minimalistic. wantie!  

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