February 17, 2014

we must admit that we were a bit nervous when opening the parcel which held the first issue of the printed Lillenord. being part of their team of bloggers we can’t really claim to be ojective, but what the heck: the magazine is amazing! the size for starters is nice to hold, and the pages made out of quality paper (tick and matte). the graphics are simple and both the colors and the rest of the design playfull and jolly. recipies, diy instructions, home visits and kids fashion. actually Lillenord is kind of a Frankie for parents. the front cover is drawn by the talented danish illustartor Lisa Grue (the boy is her son Mika) and inside you’ll find a cute coloring sheet made by Sabine Lemire. as you can see we’re talking about editors who really know how to pick their collaboraters, ehøm. if we should put a finger at something, most of the texts is written in the form of interviews, type questions/answers. a couple of well written articles from some interesting persons to dive into would have been nice among all of the styling tips. but let’s not be party poopers! we highly recommend getting your hands on this one. we can assure you, it’s the only scandinavian family-lifestyle magazine worth buying. 

we haven’t read neither Cereal, I love you or Please. yet. but we are planning too and will soon tell you all about it. meanwhile you can order Lillenord here. and follow them on instagram here. and sign up for their newsletter here. congratulations girls! you have all made a fabulous job. 

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