January 02, 2014

yup, blogging from berlin this evening. we are staying in a small flat located right next to the shopping mall Kadewe. it's easy to navigate from here, and tomorrow we'll start exploring. we spent this first day here getting settled. unpacking and searching for nice super markets in the area. our first meal here was spaghetti with homemade pesto, oh so good. when travelling with the kids a kitchen is essential. i must say, going away together feels wonderful. we brought one of Mikkel's friends along and it's so rewarding to see how those young boys grow on their new travel experiences. now they are sleeping like angels all three of them, probably dreaming about tomorrows upcoming adventures. myself, i'm gonna dream about pink suitcases. but first i'm gonna share some wine with Knut and let the transmission sink in.


  1. enjoy Berlin is a beautiful city, one of my favourite!

    1. yeah? wanna share some recommendations?