January 01, 2014

happy new year! we had such a nice time yesterday. lots of friends over for champagne brunch. we served beet salad, smoked reindeer heart, salmon, goat cheese, paleo bread, stuffed mushrooms among other small dishes. for dessert Knut's brother made an amazing créme brûlée and we also had Sophie Dahl's flour less chocolate cake topped with créme fraîche and raspberries. needless to say we had been cooking for a couple of days. the first day of a new year is my favorite. munching left overs and hanging with those who never left the party. but today we also have some packing to do. because tomorrow we are leaving for a month in berlin. we are so excited about this family trip and even if we already have made some plans we welcome recommendations if you have any to share. sadly Knut the polar bear passed away a couple of years ago, so we won't get to meet him. but maybe we'll get a glimpse of  another bear. we got tipped about Sandra Juto's berlin based blog by Signe. if you know about anyone else blogging from there, let us know! 

bottom pic: i got a dinner planner from Knut on christmas morning. i like this new approach to a week of meals. Astrid has a similar thing going on over here.


  1. wau - held & lykke med jeres måned i Berlin! Der lyder vidunderligt. Glæder mig til at se fotos derfra her på bloggen :) Og godt nytår!

    1. godt nytt år til dig osse! og til din familie :-)