January 19, 2014

you all read Kinfolk, right? in the latest issue there's an article about Mother's Mother, a supper club initiated by the berlin based foodie Kavita. we were so lucky to receive an invitation, and spent last night digging in to traditional east german dishes made by food historian Ursula Heinzelmann and her lovely mother. we have never been supper clubbing before and are completely smitten. first of all,  the concept of honoring ones backland by serving a menu created from family recipes is such a personal and touching approach to dining. second, chatting with food loving strangers, more than happy to share their insides on the local scene of culinary exploration made us cancel dinner reservations and head for the obviously hidden gems of this amazing city. nine dishes were what we had in the old industrial building where Mulax has established a room for cultural events like this one. our fave from the menu was sourdough bread dipped in flaxseed oil and fried liver with onions. we left the party inspired and happy to have a nightcap at Das Hotel, a beautiful flower decorated bar. the drinks weren't the best, but the atmosphere sure was. go there! 

Upper pic: the tables were decorated with old photos of the mother and the mother's mother, giving a perfect backdrop to the traditional courses.   


  1. So glad you folks enjoyed it - you were a beautiful crowd to cook for! Hope to see you soon, somewhere, sometime. Cheerio, Ursula

    1. we really did! thank you for having us. one thing, is your essay Good bye Lenin available somewhere?

  2. Replies
    1. glad we're not vegetarians, Inger Marie. cause then we would have to pass this one.