January 20, 2014

going to cafes with a laptop and a notebook to create a temporary office on the best table and entering a bubble where time is allowed to pass without any notice. these are the best frames for a good work session according to Knut and me. we are reading a lot of recommendations from other blogs at the moment. and like i already told you, Sanda Juto together with Dokumenterne have taken us to several places we never would have found on our own. on saturday's dinner event we met Florian Duijsens, who writes for stil i berlin, a blog that since 2006 has been telling us what's in fashion food wise. we have spent this morning reading their map of suggestions, and made another list of places we wanna try out. maybe we should stay here one more month….

the two first photos are from Aunt Benny, which at the moment is our favorite cafe. the menu is mouth watering and they have lots of gluten free cakes. the staff is smiling and the interior rustic and simple. to get there we have to take the u-bahn all the way to friedrichshain, which keeps us from going every day. but we will pay that cosy aunt a new visit asap. 
the fourth and the fifth are taken at Silo coffee bar. Silo is located in gabriel-max-strasse, straight down the street from boxhagener platz, where we have been doing our market shopping lately. the whole place smell of fresh and rich coffee. we enjoyed our black (Knut's) and white (mine) cups so much we had to get some of the lovely beans grinded to go with us home. when we first were at it we also got ourselves a nice bottle of local vodka by our/berlin and some tiny hand sewn paper cones filled with chocolate almonds. 
last photo: on boxhagener food marked the coffee bar passenger puts up a little stand to provide us vegetable shoppers with really good coffee. we have never been to their actual cafe in oppelner strasse, but know we have to soon; their macchiatos are divine.


  1. It looks like you are having a nice time !
    I wish I could do the same right now !!!