January 18, 2014

it can be difficult to maintain the normal routines of meals when traveling with kids. we started every day with a solid breakfast. and packed bottles of yogurt drinks, juice bricks, apples and sandwiches made out of no knead buns to bring on our day trips around the city. for lunch we have been buying street food and our goal has been not to spend all our dough on cafés and restaurants as it can be quite expensive to provide a whole family that way. we have been kind of tired in the evenings, so our dinners has been quite simple. pasta with home made pesto, chicken sandwiches, sausages and roasted potatoes, home made fish cakes and salad, dhal with rice - are what we managed to cook up in our tiny berlin kitchen. the kids love eating on restaurants though, and especially asian ones. they fell completely in love with Maru, a small and clean korean/japanese located in friedrichshain. on our night out they got to order every thing they wanted from the menu and didn't limit their lusts. our table filled up with sushi, dumplings, ramen, edames and a little later korean pancakes, fried (how could they manage to fry it, mama? it's soooooo delicious!!!) ice cream and ginger tea. Knut and me couldn't do anything but smile and eat our bibimbap, happy to raise kids who loves food as much as we do. now the kiddos are back in norway and we are spending two more weeks here, getting loads of work done. we have never really been alone like this before and even if we really miss those little comedians, it is quite nice to be just the two of us. a date night that lasts. we will do a lot of cooking together, and brought with us the kinfolk table, miss dahl's voluptuous delights and rene volataire's raw food recipes. but for tonight we have something special planned. i'll tell all about it tomorrow.

top photo: i try to follow my plans according to the dinner planner even if we're not at home. it's so awarding to plan ahead. especially because this way we can shop for the whole week on the saturday food market.

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