January 06, 2014

walking and walking and walking. my favorite way to spend time. just walking. today we walked through Tiergarten. we started out with a visit to the reichtag  building. the admission is free, but you have to reserve tickets three days on forehand to get in. their security control reminded us a lot of being at an airport, and i didn't love being watched over by guards every second of our visit. but as Knut explained to me, some places are more important to have visited, than the actual visit is itself. if you know what i (he) means. the holocaust memorial was beautiful and sad. we had instructed the kids on how to pay respect and not treat the thing as a playground. but we couldn't help ourselves when we arrived as the labyrinth was so perfect for a little game of hide and seek. after crossing the park area we ended up at the cozy place Café am Neuen See for a late lunch, before hurrying home under crying skies.

top picture: i'm addicted to glühwein!

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