January 05, 2014

berlin isn't only about cozy cafés and architecture. there are some quite heavy history lessons to learn in this city. we wanna show the kids a good time as well as introducing them to educational attractions. today we visited Checkpoint Charlie, one of the eight crossing points between east and west from back in the days when the Berlin Wall still was a cold fact. we didn't enter the museum, but had a long talk about how strange it would be if someone decided to divide our hometown in two. when in kreuzberg, also known as 'little istanbul', we thought it would be nice to have a proper döner lunch. afterwards, filled up with both food and knowledge, we spent the rest of our day in the zoo. seeing caged animals is both fascinating and frustrating at the same time. Mikkel felt particulary sad about the monkeys as they look so humanlike. but the Zoo Berlin have lots of park qualities and the beautiful trees together with a fun play ground made us forget the seriousness and enjoy being outside in the fresh air. we stumbled upon a new-to-us berlin based blog this evening. so happy to find more guides to inspire us. have a look at Dokumenterne here. 

top photo: these ones could, but don't leave the zoo.
last one: strange monumental portrait of a russian boarder guard at Checkpoint Charlie.


  1. Sikke nogle fantastiske billeder,
    Jeg blev så inspireret!
    Kh. Sisse

    1. tak, smukke! vi glæder os til at du kommer herned på lørdag!

  2. Hej, dejligt i kan bruge min blog som inspiration :) Håber, i nyder dagene i Berlin!