January 09, 2014

the other day we had quite an adventure. we had heard about Spreepark and knew where it was located, but didn't know how illegal it was to go there. so we climbed the fence, walked around inside this spooky abounded amusement park, took a lot of pictures before a guard suddenly appeared with a very angry dog. he explained to us that we should leave and was actually very polite and nice. but the whole thing shook us up a little. we comforted ourselves by stepping by the sweedish candy shop Herr Nilsson. and in his nostalgic interiors we could laugh about what happened. i must say, i feel an urge to go back to the old dinosaurs and frozen carusells. the guard told us it was possible to pay for a tour, so maybe one day we will. but for now, we have the photo's to remind us of one of the strongest contrasts we have ever seen. fun rides all lined up, but with no one to enjoy them. 


  1. Hahahaha, jeg må le av dere! Outlaws ;)

    Jeg er så glad i bloggen din at jeg nesten detter av stolen her! Det er så gøy å bli med til Berlin på denne måten!

    Stor klem!

    1. For en fantastisk tilbakemelding å få!

      Og så gøy at du følger med på turen vår.