January 10, 2014

inspired by the dinosaurs at Spreepark, we ended our educational berlin week with a trip to the museum for natural history. the main attraction there is a 13 metres high and 150 million year old vegetarian, a Brachiosaurus. being the biggest mounted dinosaur skeleton in the world, it made quite an impression. still it wasn't half as scary as the dino trip a few days earlier. the evening we spent at Schwatzwaldstuben, which is located in walking distance from the museum. this place is a perfect spot for authentic german food. though finding excellent international food is easy in berlin, it really tasted with pork and sauerkraut as well. the staff was friendly and the atmosphere warm and bistro-like. we made reservations on forehand and it turned out to be a clever move. obviously a popular restaurant this one.

btw, if in aarhus by any chance, Heidi-Anett and me are showing our video piece Monument (Untitled) at Galleri Images demo room.

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