January 25, 2014

it's so cold outside that we didn't even go to the food marked today. instead  we have been staying home, eating homemade buns and risotto left overs from yesterday. but i will have to drag myself out there eventually as we have made plans for the evening. the exhibition Ego Edition is opening at Galerie Tanja Wagner at 6 pm and tonight is also the night of Hamburgers and Hip Hop. maybe we'll see some of you. 

top photo: after three weeks in germany i've grown tired of mulled wine. the apple based toddy Berliner Winter managed to tempt me though. 
bottom photo: while James at Bleubird Blog and Sandra Juto is knitting like crazy, i think it's really difficult. don't know if my scarf will ever happen, but as the knitting actually makes me relax i enjoy it very much anyways.


  1. oh.. is your hair? I love it, it's vintage!

    1. no, it's Heidi-Anett's birdnest ;-). i told her about your comment though, and she says thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. thank you so much! we really appreciate that you tell us :-)