January 24, 2014

openings can be quite difficult if you are like us, a bit shy. we're always nervous to see our work publicly displayed. and thoughts like, what if it isn't good enough, do accure. last night was no different and we went through the same emotions as we always do. a mixture of anxiety and excitement made us feel like children on christmas eve. but after the hand shaking and introducing was done, everybody got more relaxed and we ended up having a great time. both at the opening and at the after party. we felt honored to be represented in a show together with artists we really like and respect. among the other 19, we were especially happy to get to know the art of Ingeborg Kvame and Kristen Veste Rønnevik (if you understand norwegian you can read about his installation here). we know Surkhe & Skevik from before, and it's so interesting for us to explore how other duos work together. now Knut and me are back in berlin for our last week here. Heidi-Anett joined us, and tomorrow we're gonna start on a new piece while Knut welcomes his brother and a friend who also are spending the weekend with us. ah. life is good.

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