January 17, 2014

as Mikkel and Knut had to leave Berlin to do school- and work stuff, me and Sisse found time for exploring berlin on Evald's terms. since we had planned our trip to be a learning vacation, our youngest member of the family felt like spending his last days here having fun. a tempting advertisement for Legoland Discovery Center dragged us in direction of the Sony Center. we've been to Legoland in denmark several times and was very aware of this not being in the danish scale. but even if our expectation was low, we couldn't be more disappointed. with all the great free-admission playgrounds this capital has to offer, Lego Discovery Center appeared like nothing more than a moneymaker. to get our spirits lifted after the lego fiasco, we decided to pack our bags quickly and hop on the first train outta here. our goal, Tropical Island, was just what we needed. palm trees and flamingos. waterfalls and mini golf. a little piece of tacky heaven. we splashed around all day and when the evening came and the lights turned low, it got even better as the water suddenly appeared green and made our bodies look fluorescent. we swimmed and swimmed until midnight. and the next day we slept until noon. Evald is already planning to go back there. but next time he wants to stay over night in one of the beach tents and of course, he wants to bring his big brother along.

top photo: an iPad helps shorten long train rides. but i guess you all knew that already. 

ps. the food at Tropical Island was neither the best or the cheapest. make sure to bring a couple of sandwiches and some drinks if your going. 

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