December 16, 2013

oh! where did the time go? we're suddenly feeling bit stressed out over here, but today i bought myself two new notebooks, and hopefully i will feel more in control after spending some time with them this evening. maybe i'll even find inspiration for a blogpost or two. in the meantime you can step by Lillenord and see what we are up to at the moment. 

the photo is from a cafe located in Bakklandet. Antikvariatet is known for it's cosy atmosphere. A lot of local musicians and actors hang here. This is also the place where Knut's band, The Beards, had their one and only concert.


  1. oh I can relate to that...:-)
    this place is lovely but...will people sit outside in the snow?? (the Roman girl wonders)

    PS don't forget to send me your adress, right?

  2. there are heaters place aroude the tables. and yes, a few people actually sit outside :-).i will send you our adress, thank you so very very much!