December 19, 2013

Hi, my name is Signe. I am an illustrator living and working in a small wooden cabin just outside Copenhagen. I live here with my two year old daughter Frida, and my boyfriend. We moved here from Berlin, in the summer 2012. As I've never lived this close to Copenhagen before, I don't consider myself as being exceedingly familiar with this beautiful old city, but since Lena asked me for recommendations on what to do in Copenhagen, I have been thinking about what I enjoy doing when I am there.

There is a very old paint shop in Badstuestræde nr. 9, "Københavns Farvehandel", it is 104 years old. I really enjoy the atmosphere in the shop, and sometimes go there just for this.
The staff are very friendly and I like having a little chat with them while buying materials. You could easily find a better selection or a cheaper place to shop, but this place definitely have the nicest store.

I often go to the Nørrebro part of Copenhagen, for lunch I usually buy something to eat and bring it to the park or the graveyard, Asistens Kirkegaard, this is a nice place for picnics in summer. Today when I was in the inner city, it was quite cold and rainy, so I stopped by a nice café called Kalaset, Vendersgade 16. The atmosphere is laid back, and it is a god place to bring children as well. When the weather is cold and wet I also often visit the greenhouse in Botanical Garden, we all love going there. Unfortunately it is closed to the public at the moment, due to  renovations. Next up on a day off with Frida, I love to bring her to the theater, "Det lille Teater" and see when tiny Madsen's house blew away. I still remember being in the theater as a child and this is defiantly something I would recommend.

Enjoy Copenhagen!
All the best Signe 

last time we visited our favourite town, Inger Marie from the blog Finurlig made a guest post with recommendations for us. this time we've got the amazing illustrator Signe Kjær to do the same. thank you Signe, both for telling us about your favourite spots and for the inspiring photos.