December 13, 2013

today is my very last day working this year. i'm almost done, but can't really focus. every time i open the laptop my mind starts wandering to a land of presents and sweets. yesterday Heidi-Anett came from denmark to finish up some catalog work for an exhibition opening in january. luckily she is more result-oriented than me, or else we wouldn't get anything done. it's nice to be two

bottom pic: while Mikkel sort of has lost interest in decorating, Evald is as happy as can be helping out with christmas preparations. this chocolate gingerbread house was so much fun for him to build. he has planned to smash it with a hammer on new years eve and can hardly wait to have a taste. the cardboard tree was made by Knut after we saw a similar one in a design shop. 'i could easily make a tree like that', he claimed. i think i like the expensive one better though. sorry, baby. but nice try!


  1. beautiful pics!
    i love Christmas decorating too, altough with my smart idea of homemade-only gifts this year I've put a little pressure on me ahem...

  2. uh sounds lovely. wish i could manage something like that!