December 21, 2013

Winter cookies by Babes in Boyland

as you might have figured i'm in Copenhagen for the weekend. we try to go here every december to do our christmas shopping, but this year only Evald and me took the trip. we are visiting Sisse on vesterbro and doing what we do best when we are spending time with her: relaxing. i've brought my camera, not the computer. and actually i wasn't really planning to blog from here. but when Sisse introduced me to some new to me blogs and tublrs, i felt like sharing with you, guys. usually we don't really repost, but take all of the photos shown here ourselves. but for these pretty  pics i've made an exception. top picture is from the lovley blog Babes i Boyland. second one is from Augenia Dantes tublr feed Lullaby of Birdlandand third picture from Lulleby & La La.


  1. beautiful pics!
    I wish you all a lovely Christmas time...

    1. thank you. i bet Rome is great this time of year!

  2. Replies
    1. Right back at you! And thank you for linking!