December 28, 2013

after spending some calm days in Knut's childhood home, we've returned to our own. it's still two more days of christmas here in norway, but we've already started to prepare for new year's eve. for us the 31th of december is when we get together with our friends as the holidays is family time. hosting a party takes a lot of effort and planning. even if we're keeping it relaxed and casual this year. i tend to overdo the amount of courses as i really enjoy cooking festive meals, luckily Knut is able to be realistic about both costs and time. for the table setting i'm dreaming about simplicity like this one, but from experience i know our living room will turn into a crazy hippie mess so maybe loads of colors will be a better way of  decorating.  

i forgot my camera in denmark when i was there before christmas. can't wait to get it back. in the meantime some iphone photos for you.

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