October 02, 2013

having children means starting to consume like crazy. and even if getting a lot of the stuff second hand, trying to keep it organic and so on - we sometimes feel like shopping machines. our main expenses is on food of course. all those meals. and as you already know, we’re not that good at keeping it simple when it comes to cooking. but we try not to waste so much. and in general to think about how to go gentle on the environment. it always feels like we could do better though. maybe by re-growing our veggies. well, a lot of city kids don’t even know where the food comes from, if we should believe the news. as our boys go to a Waldorf school which also is a small farm, they have learned a thing or two about how the eggs ended up in the fridge. it’s great wisdom for everyone to know how to grow a potato and in the latest issue of the food magazine Nord, you can read (in norwegian) about Geitmyra which is a cultural food centre for children living in oslo. here the youngsters get to sow, plant, pick and harvest. we love it! a true inspiration. but there are different ways to approach young people. a couple of weeks ago the art/design duo Roomservices visited trondheim to do the project Culinary Cartographies together with a local school class. in this project they tracked down the travel routes of imported fruit and vegetables. Knut and me had a little chat with them on what they did, and if you understand norwegian you can read it here.

the picture: me - you guys look so nice today, can i take your photo in front of the kitchen door, please? them - okay, just hold on for five seconds, we just have to go get some things to make us look even nicer. 


  1. ha ha ha well done guys! Kids 1 - mama 0 ;-)

  2. Super fint interview - og en god måde at få italesat et vigtigt emne.

  3. takk! det var først litt merkelig å poste link til en jobbtekst her på bloggen, men egentlig veldig fint også.