October 05, 2013

the fireplace in this old house, where we currently are spending most of our days, is green and big and outdated. when lit, we can't even see the sparking fire as this oven has no window. we love it despite it's flaws. and lately it has brought us cosy evenings spent with all of us on the floor involved in crafty business. autumn leaves are nature's own inspiring little art works which brings out the creativity in us. look what Inger Marie over at Finurlig made! this month's photo challenge over at Nib also has a lot of warming and inspiring contributions. this is ours.

top picture : Evald's lanterns made at school gives the most beautiful light patterns on the walls. 

picture in the middle : gentle colour rubbing reveales what's hiding underneath the sheet of paper.

bottom pic : inspired by instagrammer Alice Gao's minimalistic cover photo for Cereal Magazine.