September 30, 2013

do you know how your home suddenly appear more cozy and warm when someone you love is visiting? this weekend was the best. and even if there was some very interesting art stuff going on here in trondheim, we spent every hour of our precious time at home, cooking, playing with the kids, walking, getting new ideas, eating and drinking litres of herbal tea. hope this week will be just as good.

top picture: for the last ten years i've been serving up home made buns for breakfast (about the same as the ones Kristin makes), while Knut's brother Eirik has been le creusing through spring, making loads of different no knead breads. one better than the other, according to him self that is. so when Astrid from the blog Hei Astrid also started talking about how good this type of bread is, we finally got a dusty iron pot down from the attic and started baking. and they were right all along. the bread turned out amazing!

third pic: this marmalade is dark and mysterious as a renaissance painting. the recipe is Camilla Plum's and super easy to make.

1 kg of plums, cut in pieces and stones removed
750 g of sugar
the yellow peels of an organic lemon
an opened vanilla bean
100 g walnuts
a squeeze of lemon juice

just mix it all together in a baking pan and leave in the oven (165 degrees) for a couple of hours. let it chill before pouring it over into nice containers. then serve on a slice of no knead bread on top of some organic brie. you'll love it.

heart shaped cake picture: this banana bread recipe from sophie dahl is the best we've ever tasted. we topped it with a salty caramel glaze, but it's also wonderful alone.