August 01, 2013

Knut is playing in a band. pretty cool, right? every summer for the last seven years him and the other six guys in the band has spent a whole week recording new tunes from a cabin in the woods. they write their own songs (in norwegian) and sometimes get played on the radio. and they also had a concert once. besides that they barely ever play together since they live in different cities far from each other. of course i think they are the greatest. and maybe someday they will make a video i can show you. until then you could do as i am doing right now, listen to Beach House's second album Devotion. 

top pic: some of our second hand finds from the last two weeks. we have a thing for the designs on old house keeping items. like these wooden spools of thread. makes me wanna go sew some aprons or something. more nice grapichs at pinterest.


  1. Så fine skærebrætte & det album lytter vi også en del til herhjemme ( inkl min 8 årige :))

    1. ja, vi elsker den respatex overflaten. det er fint når barn liker musikk :-).

  2. Cool! Knut rocks ;-)