August 06, 2013

we have moved ourselves out of the city. no tv and bad internet connection makes room for plenty of time to just be together. Knut is back at work and I'm playing housewife with dinner waiting on the table when he gets home. (tomorrow we're having soup made of pork shanks). and our evenings are spent trying to take control over our wild and messy garden. today we're gonna sow this years last radish seeds. and the cale from our balcony is finally getting more space. it gives us so much meaning spending the last part of the season like this. love, happiness and sunsets by the sea.

top picture to the right: i got this coffee kettle from Knut as a present with the promise of moments in the sun. it has been collecting dust for a while, but finally we get to use it. 


  1. looks beautiful! where are you living now?

  2. in our "country" home :-). but will return to the city after a while.

  3. Hvor ser det fint ud - er det jeres hus?

  4. Så fint med fliser bak peisen. Godt å være tilbake fra ferie og lese meg opp på dere i Trondheim :) Håper dere hadde en fin tur til Oslo, neste gang håper jeg å være her sånn at vi kan møtes!

  5. Replies
    1. ja! vi kommer sikkrt snart :-). ps. det er ikke fliser, men tapet fra har en plan om å lakke den, men kom på at vi kanskje heller skal kru på en plexiglassplate. en gjennomsiktig en.