July 30, 2013

it's not so often i get to spend more than an hour alone with one of the boys. but this week Mikkel is away on adventures in the north and Knut is doing his music thing together with some pals (i'll tell you more about it later) which leaves Evald and me alone at home. he's easily entertained this one and yesterday we didn't do much. baked some vanilla cookies and ate them on the balcony. picked sugar snaps and downloaded apps. played with our kitties and made plans for Evald's upcoming birthday celebration. but today we're going to be a bit more active. starting the day with a long bike ride and ending it with football and a pasta dinner. we feel summer lazy and have a lot to talk about. a great combination.

third pic: Mikkel's old iPod still brings Evald a lot of entertainment. we have been thinking about replacing it with an iPad for his birthday. but i'm not sure. there's something nice about inheriting from older siblings. and something else, maybe i'm old fashioned, but i really like buying toys and crayons for him. an iPad seams so....so cold in a sense. plus, i want one for myself. so if he get's it maybe i'll be stealing it away from him all the time. what do you think?


  1. our son wants an Ipad too but I'm reluctant as he already has a PS VIVA and spends a lot of time on it. Once they have one of these devices it's very hard to put time limits as they are grown ups and you don't watch over them constantly..
    I would suggest you to buy one for yourself if you want to use it sometimes ;-)

    1. so your advice is to buy one for my own and then he can borrow it from time to time? hmm. a family iPad. for everyone to use maybe :-)