July 03, 2013

seeing your hometown through the newborn eyes of visitors sometimes bring you places you didn't think of going to alone. the last couple of days we've been tourists in trondheim together with our family. but now that they have left, we'll have to find someplace else to go on discovery adventures. this weekend we'll go camping in the woods. and on our wish list is this and this. but what we really need is a campfire tripod for all of our outdoor cooking plans. have fun everyone and see you again on sunday!

third pic is from bakklandet skydsstation where i also brought Sisse when she was our guest last month.


  1. Hvor ser caféen dog fantastisk ud med alle broderierne!

    1. Ja, den er megahyggelig. Faktisk er det en dank dame som driver den. vi glemmer altid å gå derhen, men så når vi har besøg kommer vi i tanker om den...

  2. Beautiful pics, as always, Lena. They make me want to visit your home town too!