July 03, 2013

yesterday was grey and cloudy, but we didn't really mind. we took the bus to sverresborg to give the children glimpses of what life was like around here in the early 1900s. and what a nice day. we brought a picnic basket and had lunch surrounded by old buildings and actors bringing these to life. the kids got to jump in haystacks and dress up as farmers. they even got to do some sword fighting in the ruins of Sverre Sigurdson's medieval castle. one of the actors in the roleplay really won our hearts with his playfulness and charming ways around the kids. those of you living in norway might have seen him on tv as the dragon Kosinus. on sverresborg he was very convincing both as a postman and later on as a knight. i recommend taking this trip if you are in the area. even without kids.

top pic is my little niece Berit and me looking at a wooden wall (someone is in desperate need of a haircut).


  1. beautiful...

    1. thanks! we didn't make that beautiful cake from your blog as i planned. but found som glutenfree recipes at green kitchen stories. they turned out very good. now i'm of to buy what i need to sew those purses of yours for our vacation in denmark :-)