July 29, 2013

for many of you today is the first day of work after the vacation. deadlines are getting closer for me too,  so i'm working from home. the kids still have some time left before school starts again and we are going to spend it here in trondheim. feels good with some every day life and modest dinners after spoiling ourselves with restaurants and summer treats for two whole weeks. the first thing on my to do list is making a site on the web for Heidi-Anett's and my duo collaboration. we're getting help from Mariell at hjartesmil - she is great! all the nice people we've met through blogging. have a nice monday!


  1. Such a nice working place you have! It looks cosy and organized at the same time (mine is just a mess!)

    1. hahaha. some times this desk consists of piles of paper and letters and books and and.... may i tidyed a bit befor taking the photo :-)