June 20, 2013

in ten minutes we are heading to the boat which is taking us to ørlandet for the weekend. what a nice vacation kick off, spending time on the country side with family and friends. i know i need to unwind. this spring has been the most stressful period of my life. but now summer is here. no more lunch boxes and no more getting up at six in the morning. i'm going to enjoy every minute. 

top picture is Mikkels home work desk (good bye desk!). and bottom to the right is from Heidi-Anett's former home.


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    1. there is a long story behind that desk, maybe we'll share it some day :-)

  2. Have a nice trip:) And yes, the desk is beautiful!

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    1. thank you so much! we will do! the blog doesn't have time for vacation though :-)

  4. wow this desk is just sooo neat! Please tell me you did before the pic? ;-)
    Enjoy your well-deserved holidays!

    1. oh i didn't really get your question, cristina... did what before the pic? sorry! but thank you! we are very happy that we found the desk. we wanted just such a desk, and suddenly it was there on the internet. maybe your summer vacation has started as well now? we sure will enjoy ours, and i wish the same for you and your sweet kids :-)