June 22, 2013

as you might know, Knut spent last weekend in bosnia-hercegovina. here is a few words from him about his trip:

to shorten the holiday longing we sometimes plan a pre-vacation trip. this year, me and my brother took our parents for a little travel down south. i have wanted to visit the balkans for many years, and bosnia-hercegovina was a perfect entrance. less than twenty years since the war, it is scary easy to spot remnants of fighting. however, it is just as easy to find beautiful landscapes and inclusive people. and: grilled meat! after a couple of days in sarajevo, a bosnian friend from norway, Helmin, drove us down to mostar, guiding us through the valleys of history. and there, in mostar, the famous old bridge stari most, subject to destruction and reconstruction, awaited us. all in all it was great long weekend get away, and next time on the go in the balkans, Lena and me will bring the boys to the dalmatian coast.

left: mostar - bridge over troubled water. 
right: our daily portion of ćevapi, grilled minced meat. jummy!


  1. Tenk at Knut var i Sarajevo, det er min hjemby. jeg fikk i alle fall veldig lyst på cevapi nå.

    1. ja! jeg gledet meg over at du sikkert ville se denne posten. og Knut gleder seg over at det har kommet en kommentar på hans innlegg :-)