April 02, 2014


when we decided that Evald should switch to public school it was partly because the elementary where we live is (in several ways) quite good. the architecture, for starters, is more base oriented which means the rooms are big and open, and the huge windows are facing the fjord that basically does the schoolyard. the building is only a couple of years old and there is a lot of thought behind the esthetic choises. actually norwegian writer Erlend Loe and artist Kim Hiortøy (both from trondheim) was hired to bring art into the learning environment of this new school. and they did a great job. i wanna go to this school! only challenge is the amount of pupils. that's one thing we really miss about the Waldorf School - life was so calm and peaceful over there. but even if it's noisy as can be, i actually get inspired every time i go to pick up my little one. Evren Tekinoktay once said in an interview that she's an esthetic to the point that she chose the daycare for her daughter by how it looked. i can identify with that. i'm very sensitive to the look and feel of where i'm working. and i suppose kids are even more in touch with their senses. that's something to keep in mind when making plans for putting up new institutions. well, i think in this case they did just that.


  1. Wow! Sådan ser skolerne i DK i hvert fald ikke ud! Super fint (selvom jeg også elskede de fine fotos fra Steiner skolen, du postede tidligere). Held & lykke med skole-skiftet :)

    1. tusen takk! jeg tror ikke majoriteten av skoler ser ut på denne måten i norge heller :-)

  2. Kjenner meg sånn igjen, i barnehagen til mine yngste er det ren 50-talls estetikk for alle pengene. Ikke er det pusset opp nevneverdig heller, så alt er beholdt. Hukit stoler til barna, jærstoler til de voksne, solide furubord, fantastiske hyller og skap, panelet på veggene, sorte jernovner i alle rom. Jeg kunnefortsatt i evigheter... Elsker det! Er så gode rom å være i. Bildene av skolen ser også fine ut!