April 24, 2014

a while ago norwegian blogger Nadja from Una.dos.tres gave us a Liebster Blog Award which is a personal recognition where you get to answer questions about yourself and your blog and then pass it on to five of your own faves. fun!

what she wanted to know:

1. why did you start blogging and has it turned out like you thought it would?
we had no idea when we made Teak Tray Weekdays. no idea how many places and people it would introduce us to, how many new creative thoughts we would gain from it, how much time it would consume from us or how much we would care about doing this blog thing. when we started out we meant for our site to be something we did together, and it still is, but as Knut has a nine-to-four and i'm doing freelance stuff it doesn't really function that way. we are collaborating, but i do most of the work that comes with it.

2. what do you do to recover when you are on the brink of giving up/running away/eating a whole box of ice cream?
well, first i eat the ice cream. then i cry. then i watch a whole bunch of horror films. it's true! and Knut refuses to join in as he doesn't like blood. what he likes to do when the world comes crashing down on him is work out (believe it or not). and here i refuse to join in as i don't care too much for sweating.

3. what is your secret dream? 
my secret dream is to be a rich and famous artist. Knut is more modest and dream of visiting bhutan. our common goal is to fill our lives with meaning. one way or another.

4. do you usually tell people about your blog?
to begin with i didn't. i was actually quite ashamed about claiming my own space on the interwebs. Knut didn't share that feeling and spred our address around the block. nowadays, it is such a big part of our lives that not telling would be strange. but i still blush when i do.

5. how long have you been reading my blog and what do you like about it?
we discovered Nadja's blog through another blog and was quite surprised because actually we knew her from before as her daughter Una went to daycare with Evald when they were younger. what we like about it is that it has this old school quality to it. i mean, back in the days a blog used to be a public dairy. i get this feeling from Una.dos.tres that what is written about is kind of instant feelings. i don't know if it really is so, as i know blogging demands a lot of planning and thinking ahead. but even if, i like this naive and direct peak tone which lifts the curtains to behind the scenes of Nadja and her family's life.

6. how did you come up with the name of your blog?
Knut is great with words. actually he is a songwriter as well as a bureaucrat. because of his skills he got the difficult task of finding a name and i think he did well.

7. name your favourite film, - song and - book.
favourites change all the time you know, but lately the Sigur Rós documentary Heima, the short story Queenie by nobel price winner Alice Munro and the songs on Knut's own band's freshly made ep has all been on our minds.

8. how would your friends describe you and is it different from how your readers would?
this is a though one. for starters we are two persons and second seeing ourselves from the outside is the most difficult thing ever. i hope our friends find us inspiring and loving, and that our readers do to.

9. recommend a city and what to do in it.
easy peasy! copenhagen! the capital of denmark is our favourite place on earth. food wise. design wise. wine wise. people wise. it's a place to just be. take a chill pill. walk around. eat, talk, play. we go as often as we can and dream about having a second home there.

10. tell me something i don't know!
hmm, that Knut has a twin brother? that Heidi-Anett and me are going to Athens in october to make art in a whole month (or did i already tell you)? i don't know. we don't really have any secrets. 

now it's our turn to name our darlings and here they are:

My Little Delights - Cristina was the first one to comment on our blog and has since then become our friend in Paris. she writes about her close environment and share her love for baking and sewing.

Finurlig - Inger Marie's blog is a true inspiration. she has recently started blogging for Lillenord and of course she does a great job over there as well.

The Junior - keeping us updated on kids fashion.

Al Di Là Degli Specchi - Anna's little corner of the blogosphere is mainly about coziness like knitting and tea partys. 

Signe Kjær - makes us wanna leave the city behind for good.

(if you understand norwegian we have made a scandinavian version over here)


  1. Hvor fint Lena! Go ahead and send me the questions :)

  2. That's so cool, tank you Lena! I'm quite proud!

  3. and thanks for giving the award right back to us!

  4. thank you!!!! it was a surprise!!! :))))

  5. Så fine svar! Jeg liker dere! Og så mange nye, fine bloggpost!