March 21, 2014

we have been through a major change lately. we never thought we would come to this, but Evald has quit the Waldorf School and become a pupil at the public elementary across the street from our house. there is only one reason for this decision: lack of playmates. while all of the kids from his old class lives far away from us, he is now part of the neighborhood gang. makes me smile how he lights up when someone comes around to hear if he can go to the playground with them. he never had that before, and it's way important. something he's also happy about is skipping those bus rides in the mornings. as the new school is located so close to our home i can walk him to school if he doesn't want to go along with the other boys from our street. life has become more easy for sure! but we miss the rabbits and the hens. we miss the organic shop. the small and woody classroom. the handy crafts. it's a good thing we still can visit when we feel like it.

top pic: on his last day Evald's old classmates surprised him with a book filled with super sweet drawings and even sweeter words. moved me big time.
third one: this flute holder was the last thing he made before he left, isn't it beautiful?
last pic: luckily the warm and cozy waldorf shop will keep us coming over. this isn't good bye - it's see you very soon.

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