March 22, 2014

i’ve had pets for as long as i can remember. my first cat named Rasmus was run over by my stepfather's car. he survived, but got a bit strange after the accident. every day when i came walking home from school though, he would sit in the drive in, waiting for my return. one day he wasn’t there and we looked for him everywhere. we hung up missing notes on the light poles and cried ourselves to sleep (at least i did). but Rasmus didn’t return and i got a new kitty called Lucy. this one became a mother quite soon and i got to keep one of the kittens, Linus. also he was hit by a car, and i felt oh so guilty when he passed away. why wasn’t i there to protect him? well, now we have two black beauties ruling this house of ours. India and her son Sebastian. India is quite shy and has great manners. she never steal human food, never wreck toys or knock down houseplants. every night she rolls up in the foot end of Evald’s bed. if he has a bad dream and starts crying, she will be there in a second trying to calm him down by rubbing her soft head against his cheeks. Sebastian on the other hand is quite a rebel. he is always hungry and always ready for some fun. if i'm wrapping gifts for example, he will lay his heavy body on top of the paper with the happiest kitty face ever. and if i’m knitting or sewing, he’s also very eager to help out. unfortunately his help isn’t wanted from any of us as it always ends up with ruining the whatever it is we are trying to do. but we care for him very much anyway. even if he’s not allowed into Evald’s room anymore after chewing his way through a huge trashpack collection. Mikkel tends to go soft him. finding secret places to store his treasures so Sebbe can’t get to them instead of locking him out. but naughty or nice, we love coming home to our cat members of this family. they can only go outside when we are home in an attempt to protect them from evil cars. and we love locking up the front door in the afternoons to hear the sound of those silky paws running downstairs to meet us. the internet also loves cats. example one, example two, example three.

second photo: India and Sebastian watching the snowflakes dance outside our window.
last one: Sebastian who is quite aware that he’s not supposed to be on any table tries to hide behind plants. I see you Sebastian! Get down from there, right now!

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