March 15, 2014

oh, birthdays are the best ones. when one of us gets older we celebrate in a way that makes all of us feel festive and excited. the birthday mornings are important and need some preparation the night before. sometimes me and Knut are together on these, and sometimes one of us do them alone. we have a lot of things going on every day, but when it's birthday time we slow down and forget about work, mails, instagram and blogging. we get up extra early if it's a weekday, so we can enjoy a big brekkie with cheeses, buns, scones, hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows and, the most important, A LOT of beautiful gifts. when Evald was little we started giving Mikkel a little present as well, every time we got something for the baby. back then this was to avoid jealousy, but now it has become a tradition that the birthday child or grown up has some small gifts to give to the rest of us too. on tuesday Knut turned 34. we started the day picnicking on the living room floor and ended it eating mexican food with his parents. i didn't make a cake this time, but everyone seemed happy with the homemade pistachio ice-cream sandwiches i served up instead. we have realised that big parties aren't really for us when it comes to birthdays. our family, maybe a movie night and loads of yummy food. that's how we like it.

second photo: the cats had been to Ikea to get Knut a little orange tree. those kitties! they always surprise us.
third one: we adore the newborn magazine Oak - The Nordic Journal. get it here.
last one: Camilla Jensen's take on breakfast dishes are unfortunately only in norwegian and german, but if you understand any of these two, we highly recommend getting your hands on this book. during the last year Camilla has brought renewed energy and cooking lust into our kitchen. thank you!


  1. Hei! Jeg har gitt dere en Liebster bloggpris for den fine bloggen deres. Hvis dere vil, kan dere svare på spørsmålene. Hvis dere ikke vil, er det også helt greit. :-)