March 09, 2014

after yesterday's seriousness i figured i could need a little light in my life. here are three sculptural lamps which perfection makes me giggle of joy. first one called Tip Of The Tongue is designed by london based designer Michael Anastassiades. i have totally fallen in love with the pedestal balancing a matt glass sphere. isn't it beautiful? and the poetic name of this design makes me want it even more. Michael is well known for working with small family run workshops who know their materials. his intention is to create objects with permanent value, and it shows. if i get my hands on this one i will love it forever, i promise. second one is the more affordable Blom from award winning norwegian Andreas Engesvik. the petals are adjustable and can be used to dim or direct the light, a detail which fulfils this naive looking flower. last one might have a hotel feel over it, but as a desk lamp Modo will glam up any work space. seams i have a thing for shiny metals at the moment. didn't see that one coming. have a nice sunday everyone. we're gonna throw on raincoats, fetch the saw out of the garage and continue with our never ending apple tree pruning. 

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