February 26, 2014

no! we haven't forgotten about you. the last week has been all about winter break which didn't leave much room for blogging. since we spent all of january away from home, we didn't really feel the need to go away this time. instead we've been working in the garden together, preparing for spring. inside we have sown wild garlic, chillies and artichokes. none of them have sprouted yet but our tagetes have and are now tiny promises of summer in our window sills. actually it's getting kind of crowded in here and we could definitely need a couple of these shelvings from Hasselfors. this week we are going for sage and daisies. and our next order of seeds from Impecta will contain tomatoes, parsley, dill, radishes and salad among a variety of flowers. puh! do you think we can manage all of these? we did pretty well last year and with that in mind we are full of courage. whish us good luck!

second photo: tiny tagetes sprouts in Mikkel's big teenage hands.
last one: Evald has borrowed Mikkel's old dragon to keep him safe from nightmares.

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