January 04, 2014

prenzlauer berg was today's destination. we needed to do some grocery shopping and had a feeling that this part of town could satisfy our organic food habits. we were right. Lpg Biomarkt has from today become our german provider. besides strolling along quiet streets we also visited Mactmit!, which is a creative activity center for children. the teenage part of our travel companions wasn't really impressed, but they liked the cake and the bionade. Evald was happy though, and after an hour his cheeks was rosy and warm from all the climbing and running around. on our way back to the u-bahn we stopped by Onkel Philipp to look at vintage toys. he sure is a nerdy uncle this one. 

last pic: we found a new lens for my camera so i could go back to enjoy berlin. the bag is from samsung and keeps all of my photo equipment safe. i got it from Knut for christmas. isn't it cute?


  1. So lucky you are! It must be wonderful to travel for a longer period with the kids. Hope to do the same one day :)

    1. it's great to spend time together like this. you really should try it :-)