December 09, 2013

we’re sort of old fashioned when it comes to christmas decorating. until the 23th we limit ourselves to flowers and branches, stockings, candles and oranges. the kids also sneak in decorations they make during december. but it’s first when school is over that we bring those boxes of hidden treasures down from the addic and go tree hunting. yesterday we lit the second advent candle, had a nice sunday stroll out in the snow and baked our first batch of cookies. the days are passing really fast at the moment. i can’t belive it’s only one more week to go before all presents must be in the mail to get there in time. luckily i don’t have too much work left this year, and can soon focus all my energy on holiday-to-do’s.

third photo to the left: lamps made out of jars seen at the store Sukker.
fourth pic: this book from 1971 bought second hand years ago always inspire me, even if i havn’t really made anything from it.......yet.


  1. Lovely atmosphere Lena!

    1. thank you! also a lovely give away your throwing :-)

    2. oh thanks, come join the fun then! I'm out of stock on some fabrics so I'll make more boyish versions if needed anyway ;-)

    3. i will head straight over to you right away!